The Hampden County Improvement League was founded on January 25, 1913.

Co-founders Horace Moses, owner of Woronoco Paper Company, and John A. Scheuerle, of Hartford, Vermont, built the league with the assistance of representatives from each town within Hampden County.

Together, they set to work bringing new, innovative programs to the community.

Key Accomplishments

  • 1913 • Formation of the County Agriculture Agents, which began the nationwide system of extension financed in-part by the government (Pre-Smith-Lever Act)
  • 1913 • Formation of home demonstration agents
  • 1915 • Assisted in formation of 4-H
  • 1917 • Secured loans for farmers (pre‑production credit)
  • 1920 • Assisted in formation of Farm Bureau



The following objectives are outlined in the Hampden County Improvement League’s Articles of Incorporation:

To acquire and disseminate information regarding modern agricultural activities; to increase the productivity of farms; to bring about cooperation in producing and marketing farm products. To arouse and stimulate sentiment for road improvement; to bring about efficient road administration, and systematic work for t he maintenance of roads within the county of Hampden. To encourage the schools to introduce such subjects and pursue such activities as will fit the boys and girls to become more efficient in the activities in which they are to engage. To encourage and promote the federation and cooperation of all community forces in the adoption of long term policies. For work in economic, educational, recreational and civic betterment; for the encouragement and rendering more profitable the pursuit of agriculture and, generally to foster, encourage, and promote all things in the communities of Hampden County which tend to increase the productivity of the soil, or to advance or conserve the education, civic, and moral welfare of the communities.